Precious Furniture That Takes Its Inspiration from Life…
Life is a fascinating treasure bestowed on humanity. Every moment is too precious to compare with every other moment. We have taken it as a job to offer this treasure, which can be devalued in the hands of a person, the same as its existence. We have processed, carved and woven the special furniture of Turkey and the world. The luxury of life seeps through the door that we have opened for the existence of customized living spaces with our company. We design what is special, believing that every moment is the moment when it should be special. Our furniture is customizing living spaces and changing the definition of luxury.‘What is life itself, what can a person offer to life?‘avangarde’ is our first answer when we say ". Luxury; our bedside word detailing the definition immediately behind it. The designs we offer as a tribute to life were born in Turkey and this praise continues to be carried with our company to the whole world.

Who We Are

The worry of taking a new step is replaced by an unshakable trust; it is more possible with the bonds of people who share the same truths. Dasell was also born in 1998 with the brave steps of two brothers who put their backs to each other. in 2008, the brand continued to walk with the name Dasell, which it uses today, and carried the same ideals and wishes to every step it took: trust and bond. Dasell, which takes not only its furniture but also its loyalty and reliability to every place it reaches today, has access to 50 points in Turkey. If it is abroad, the brand; Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan; furniture More Life carries the credit.


It is more difficult to spoil the usual than to remake it. Because this is much more than a profit partnership and trade. It is a bond and a belief. Our company, which was established by adopting the truths that a real family both believes and reflects, wants the whole world to see the admiration it has for life. Our company adopts every detail that makes its face laugh when it looks at the sky as its visionary goal with its vision that it describes as ‘the desire to reach every corner of the world’ with this enthusiastic feeling contained in it.


Not Because You Feel Special, But Because You Remember That You are Special…
Our company shapes the avant-garde with the inspiration it takes from life. When we look at life itself in detail, we see that it is the greatest luxury we have and it is special to us. We offer what we have received from life to life again. That's why we produce special furniture that reminds you that you are special. It is this fascinating effect that we see; when it touches the life of each person; we will turn our heads from the sky to the earth and have an indelible smile with the whole world of people.